Guys, shy men in this scenario what would you do?

If said girl you have been talking to for a minute. (meaning you know her name and have had a few conversations with) is trying to talk to you (approach you and all) and sees you leave early (you got an appointment or family thing you gotta get to) and she follows you out to your car... And says hey (insert her nickname for you) what do you do? Immediately stop and ask her how she is? And walk back with her? Make an excuse and keep going? Wave as you get in your car? Does it depend on what your feelings for her are? (say if you like her vs. Not liking her)
Would you actually walk her in opposite direction of your car while talking to her if you were trying to get rid of her?
Anyone else?


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  • if she went out of her way just to talk to me and when i say whats up its a random response and nothing specific then its obvious that she likes me and i would ask her out there and then, i'm a shy guy and only usually make a move on a girl when i know she likes me otherwise i just expect the worst so i would ask her out then carry on with what i was doing if not take her with me... but that's never happened because no one has had a crush on me, forever alone :3

    • Interesting. Not all guys will notice a girl even doing all that. I swear some are still so clueless... But if you didn't like her would you still stop talk to her and walk the opposite direction of your car with her?

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    • How would you do it? Say your not into a relationship right now? Just curious as what you interpret to be letting her down easy.

    • i would just tell her straight facts, such as she is beautiful and i appreciate the gesture but i'm interested in someone else or something depending at the time for the reason i don't want to date her and would still talk to her but nothing more than friends, il be there for advice and a wing man for her just not a relationship, if you're having a personal problem you can pm me...

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  • If I like her, I'd talk for a few minutes and tell her I've got to go.

    • And if you didn't?

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    • So no having a conversation or making a turn away from where you were going to walk her back inside?

    • I'd be polite, but tell her that I need to go.

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