What's up with his question?

So I met this guy abroad, we kept in touch and have small chats once in a while. The other day I asked him a random question and he was kind of short. Last night he sent me a message asking me if I found a boyfriend yet with a smiley face.
Is he just letting me know in a nice way he found someone else?
Does anyone else have any other idea to this?


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  • Unless you have some Hint and no Haw that he Might have 'Found someone else,' I don't think this means he is Hoping you 'Found a boyfriend yet,' but may be Moping with 'Kind of short' Answers that you Might down the love line.
    You both are still in contact which is good with convo and communication here, dear. And perhaps with him most likely Liking you as well, he may be thinking that it is hard to handle a LDR on both ends but still feels territorial and Now is Sending 'Me a message asking...'
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the upvote, sweetie. xx

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    • His reply was "not yet, waiting for you". What you mean by not jumping the gun yet?

    • To be Hasty in thinking that he found someone else means in "Jumping the gun".. Ah, good news then so good now you know.:)) xxoo

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  • He probably is just curious. Possibly likes you but not sure

    • Don't you think he is letting me know he is in a relationship? That's what my girl friend came up with

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    • I like him but I'm not in love

    • Ahh ok. Well good luck! 😊

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  • I think so yup right u are, wish him well and go about your bisnisssssss.


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