How do I know if his flirting really means something?

I have bin flirting whit this guy for a year or so, but we only meet maximum twise a year cuz he lives 7 hours away.

Our flirting is like, I sit on his lap, we insult each other and then say we "love" each other or so. And we talk all night, but we don't talk that mutch over phone or internet, almost only face to face.

But I can't stop thinking about him and it annoys me that we don't live closer. And he has planned to move here in one year.

Our families are good friends and he have known me all my life, sice he's two years older, and I don't whant to try on him and have to meet him if he doesn't like me back.

But the main question is how do I know that he likes me back, and that I'm not only just a girl here in town and he has someone else back home?


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  • make a move you will know.


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