Girls should I congrat her or not?

We worked together few times and she was so ncie, we both liked each other, she was interested in my work always asking me if im tired and if my job is going well, she cared about me more than anyone she doesn't really care much about other colleges, she also seem to be more open when im around she talk about everything, one day we were working alone after everyone left she wasn't listening she suddenly stared at my lips, then she seemed nervous about it and started to look down fixing her bag to leave, we became friends only at work, she do look at me when she sees me at the street or look down smilling. i started to ignore her because sometimes i was thinking that she is too good to be true, and wanted to runaway from my feelings for her, now she is ignoring me back and i think that she thought i was using her or talk to her to boost my ego or something, but i do think that she is pretty and has a nice personality i want her to be my freind at least, she moved to another department and got a better job, should i go and congrat her and try to make things work again try to be her freind or Would it be strange?
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  • yes do it.


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