Are some guys too polite to make a move?

So met guy on social media , he seems like a nice type of guy. Very polite an sweet. Thanked me for liking his pic. Asked where I am from an what I like to do. The kind of guy who is opposite to the idiots I normally attract.

Most guys I meet will be overly forward asking if I am single etc. He told me he blushed when I said he's handsome. It's like he can't believe it or something.

He flirted with me few times with emojis an In Convo when I said I go gym an currently working out to look my best for my bday coming up an he said sure you'll be looking hot.

We talked for few hours then he began putting X at end of each message an I did too. Found out he lives in my town also. An I was like oh not too far an he said no not really. We get on so far an I get excited to hear from him.

he's very attractive cus he has his life together also car , bought house , job etc. Maybe he didn't want things to go anywhere but I keep thinking is he being too nice an shy. Maybe thinking I would shoot him down?


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  • The fact that you're used to forward guys is probably throwing you off when you come across a guy who's not forward. He's being cautious to make sure he's not stepping over any lines. He's waiting on you to show your interest in him so that he knows it's safe for him.

    • Yeah it's hard when I am used to guys being too forward. I see now as when I say certain things he responds with interest but plays cool like he's unsure whether I would go for him.

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  • aw damn, was just going to message you too, was seeing if we have similar interests, ik i'm young but i'm mature for my age.

    After reading this i would say you should try to have something with him, i'm petty shy to be honest, not as much as him but i'm sure if you guys met up a couple times he would grow more confident and less shy around you... go on a few dates and see how it goes, then if you decide he is not for you then at least you can have no regrets knowing you tried... hope that helps! good luck!

    • Thanks shy guys are best for me I hate too confident or worse arrogant dudes πŸ˜€

  • Yes, LOTS of guys are too polite to make a move. Lots and lots of guys had their fathers removed from their homes, and weren't taught how to interact with women, and their mothers don't know.

    So, find out if the dude grew up with a man in the house and if he didn't, don't expect him to know shit.

  • Shy guys like that will need you to make a move or send strong signals. But in the end, they can be some of the best guys out there.

    • I agree I feel he's a very decent guy

  • Yes, I know some are. I've been known to be that way until I get to know someone.

    • Really why is that

    • I honestly don't know. If I did, I would have addressed the situation long ago. It's kind of like telling someone you lost something and them asking, "Where did you lose it?" If I knew, it wouldn't be lost. :-)

    • Yeah I see what you mean. It's hard I understand

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  • When I was single, I found that often with nice/shy guys, I have to make the first move. Flirting isn't even enough. Sometimes you have to practically hit them with a frying pan and drag him to your house. lol. Not that extreme but often you need to force the issue for them. At least initially.

    • Yeah I see what you mean. I like shy guys in some ways though. It is difficult at first I agree , as they don't seem to think they stand a chance. It's normally the ones who deserve the girl but don't get them due to girls going for douche type males. This guy is gorgeous like blonde hair , blue eyes. I don't see why he's single but it must be his confidence I guess. An lol my house aha good one πŸ˜‰ Joking thanks for answering πŸ˜€

  • Oh, but it's so, so possible for a man to be polite to the utmost, yet to be relentlessly aggressive in his pursuit at the same time.

    So possible.

    Think of James Bond, or the guy in the Dos Equis commercials... except less corny and more sexy.

    It's a beautiful thing when it's done well. A seriously beautiful thing.

    • Lol it's a movie 😁

    • Right, but think of the real-life version of that kind of character. Gentleman+rogue. They do exist, ya know.

    • Possibly

  • Hmmm! That's a tough one. Give a little more time

    • I know. Hard to judge atm. Thanks for answering πŸ˜€

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    • Sounds promising

    • I guess so

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