How can I let a shy and nice guy know that I like him so he can ask for my number?

he always knows where i am, he says my name a lot, touches my hand a lot, one time brushed my back with his hand, i caught him looking at me and i stare at him too... with other women he talks a lot like friendly and talkative, but when i walk by he's quiet... and he's quiet in general around me but loud and talkative with others...


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  • I believe you just need to get him alone. Talk to him as if you were his girlfriend. If you want the job you play the part.

    • what do i say?

    • Ask what he does on the free time. He'll probably ask you the same. You could suggest it would be nice to hang out if he doesn't suggest it.

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  • Well with a shy guy the woman needs to take effort, at least in the initial stages because a shy guy will just not come up to you and do what it takes, a shy guy typically lacks the confident of a confident guy so you can't expect that from him. Hence you will need to take that effort to talk to him, I don't know I am just saying.

  • Just say that to him

  • How about not leaving it up to him and just do it yourself?


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