What do you feel about a woman like this?

Long black hair, prominent eyes (brown), full lips, hourglass figure, 5'6ft. Wears red dresses mostly or like the one's I've listed below , Wears heels. Talks less, always on her own. Kind and generous. Knows manners, sexy voice. Doesn't show pride but looks like a Elegant one. someone who's difficult to win over. Who's not interested in wealth / money. Someone who doesn't even fall for rich men. Good posture,
mmysterious look, too beautiful to look at. she cares for others than she care for herself.

What do you feel about a woman like her?
what do you feel about a woman like this?


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  • First speaking in general,

    Looks like an ideal kind of woman a man would want to have in his life. Of course the kind of woman you have described is the one who is both equally good looking on the inside and on the outside as well. I mean say like 8/10 in looks and 8/10 in personality as well, or even more.

    In any case it's all good, something that every man would want.

    Now about me,

    Yes, these are all good qualities but still I have more standards, more personality and physical standards in addition to the pictures and plus I can't get attracted to the kind of woman you have mentioned above, because one factor is lacking and I can't compromise on that one.

    I won't say what that is.


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