Why does this guy do this? please take your time and comment?

I have loked this guy for a long time. We occasionally have hanged out at a party he would sit with me briefly or with mutual friends out for dinner but it was once. He added me on IG. and sometimes I will post something and he omments or Snapchats me. But when I message him back. He will send short answers or so. Uggghhhh it just drives me insane. If he doesn't want to talk much why message me then? Also I will sometimes snapchat him. But its always short. But I dont want to message him a lot. Because when we first met he told me about this girl that was so clingy he was bother cuz he wasn't intrested in her. So I dont want to do the same what if he is just friendly. Even if he wasn't intrested in me I wouldn't want to loose him as a friend. I dont want to do something stupid. At the moment so many things are happening in my life. But everytime I see him. I just like him.
  • he doesn't like me just friendly
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  • He definitely doesn't see you as anything more than a friend. There's a good chance that he does the same to a lot of other girls, like baiting. If you want to grab his attention, just ignore him and don't text him back. I assume that you probably text him instantly and he takes ages to reply? Ignore him for a while and flirt with others where he can see you. He'll start paying attention to you.

    • 😭😭 yeah he does take a long time to reply. So I sometimes do the same Last time I took 1 hour to reply back. But as much as it pains me if he wasn't interested It would be fine I wouldn't want to loose him as a friend.💔

    • You have a crush on him, it'll take some time to fade. But try ignoring, it works for both guys and girls. The more attention you pay to him, the more he will take you for granted.

    • yeah I will do that. Thanks.

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