Why are guys so mystified by girls? What do you find so confusing and interesting?


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  • Geez, where to begin. Women are more contradictory than religion (well almost).

    You want a bad boy yet nice guy yet funny yet witty funny not too aloof funny, be dominant yet easy going but not too easy going, and trust worthy yet mysterious, be able to chase yet not be needy and clingy, be available but not smothering, be strong, but not overly muscular, not overly thin, be normal yet be outstanding, be fun yet be boring and cuddle, be outgoing yet be available at home, be wealthy, but sometimes not, but not poor, so work, but not a workaholic, be a smooth lover yet be roughed around, be romantic, but not on the first dates because it's too much, but hold back and you not good for a long term, you like personality but fuck the hot boy, but you know hot boy uses you so you take nice guy for a ride while slapping "I'm searching for a soulmate" label on the poor guy, you want intelligence, but not boring conversation, you want excitement yet intelligence, you say guys are hot but ab and dick pics turn you off, you say you horny but make a guy work for it, some guys work for it, some not, etc etc... could go on forever.

    I have come to the conclusion that women are more complicated than physics and philosophy combined. Even Einstien quoted that he didn't get women.


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  • Duality. Not knowing what you like when you are with a guy. Afraid to let him go down on you, but so many blogs say it is AMAZING when he does it!! Conflicting messages, especially sexual! The 'Virgin Prude' vs. 'Slut/whore' stereotype.
    Not understanding how simple guys are, and how we don't care about so many things that you get so nervous and concerned about!!
    Why you wear skin-tight 'Yoga Pants' and then act like you are disgusted if a guy looks and smiles!

  • Can't say that I have ever been "mystified by girls." Confused and frequently irritated by the actions of individuals but never mystified by any group as large as a whole gender.

  • It's the society-wide psychological war being waged on each man by nearly all women. Once you figure out that women are generally duplicitous, liars, and engaged in this psychological war, it loses its fangs.

    Once you harden your heart to women and start treating them like ADULT MEN, life becomes much, much better.

  • The thing that confuses me is once you start understanding them, the throw a curveball and really confuse you


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