My crush likes my best friend?

So I discovered my crush likes my Best Friend and we've been friends since we were babies and recently reconnected after we were told by our parents they knew each other. And I know she wouldn't hurt me, and I tell her all my secrets and she tells me hers and we know each other's passwords. And I told her who my crush was and she talked to him bc I told her to mess with him and he asked if she knew me and my friend said "yes", he told her that people were telling him I liked him. And she answered its true, his response was "I asked her out and she rejected me", my friend said" it might be different this time just give it a shot" and he replied "If she comes back to this school" (I had to transfer)... But I went through her messages and she told my other friend he said he liked her. But she has a boyfriend and she doesn't like him (my crush) so does he like her now? by the way he likes a lot of my photos on social media
What do y'all think?


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  • Maybe he might get over liking your friend. I hope he ends up liking you. It shows hope since he likes a lot of your photos. That shows some interest in you. And that he must think your cute and hot to like your pictures.


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