The girls that flirt with everyone?

the girls that flirt a lot and with everyone, do you do it cause you like the person or feel attracted or what?

Like do you girls do it to unattractive guys too? or are they mostly toward good looking guys and flirt for fun, when you only wanna be friends?



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  • I'm personally a pretty big flirt, but just because I'm flirting with someone doesn't mean I'm taking them home. When I'm really interested in someone, I'm still going to flirt, but I'm also going to let you have my number, respond when you call or text and accept a date when I'm asked out.

  • For me, I just flirt with the guy I like...

    Perhaps I might be unintentionally with others as well, I dunno.

    But I flirt pretty obviously with the guy I really like.


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