She liked my post.. now what?

This girl that I am pretty intersted in liked my post on twitter. It was one of those TBH things. Now that she liked it I have no clue what to say. I follow more girls than boys and obviously more girls like my TBH post. But with this girl it is different with other girls I have no issue just saying hey or whatever. With her though even though she is pretty shy herself I dont know what to say she leaves me speechless... that dont happen often.. I do not want to say anything to make her think I am a freak.. TBH do I just say something to the affect that I really like you and would love to get to know you better. Opinions appreciated on how to get the conversation started


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  • Two options. You can message her something relevant to the tbh post, just like a side thought to it/ something you think would make her laugh related to it. Or you could start with a short 'hi' cuz that'd probably be the other most normal convo starter, no she won't find it weird, a bit of a surprise if you guys don't usually talk maybe but definitely not a bad surprise (more like oh we haven't really talked to much, I wonder why he's messaging). From there you could ask what's up, how's your day going, talk about interests, etc.


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