He interested in, asked out and then?

In the beginning, he send me the first text and we texted for 2 weeks. When I ask questions about his life and he always said, "I'll answer when we are face to face" (we are in the same college and not friends) He didn't text for a week. I texted him again and made a conversation. He gave short and late answers and I thought he isn't interested than he said, "I want to talk about all these subjects in person" and asked me out. I was shocked and I accepted but then cancelled because of some trouble and I said we can hang out when he turn back to the city. We are in the semester break right now and he is in his town. After almost 2 weeks... and he didn't text. He is online everyday but doesn't said me a little, "Hi, whats up?"

What does it mean?

Sorry for my English.


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  • You sort of glossed over this-

    "but then cancelled because of some trouble"

    What trouble? Maybe he's annoyed that you canceled and didn't tell him why?

    • I didn't explain because he didn't ask, he just said "nevermind" and i said "we can hang out when you came back" and he accepted. Is he interested in me? I hope he doesn't lose interest if he is :(

    • I think he might be a little miffed about the cancellation. You could try explaining why and his interest may come back.

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