He texts me weird things?

So there's this guy who i sorta like but i know isn't someone i should like considering he is about ten years older than me, but im not sure if he's flirting or being friendly? I went back home for winter break and he told me to take pictures of where i live but then proceeded to say no selfies! And then after no nudes! And im have no idea what he ment by that considering i wasn't even thinking of that... But then when we hang out he always looks at me and leaves his hands on my thighs and I don't know if thats just a friend thing or what... Cause my friends do that with me cause my thighs are pretty... Supple
Plus the last time i saw him was Saturday and he hasn't messaged me since and usually he messages me once every other day... I was wondering if that means we are friends or he's just flirting?


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  • He wants to date you, but he's conflicted. It may be because of the age difference.


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