Guys, what do you consider to be physical flirting?

Not non verbal but physical. And do you consider it friendly if you only do it once vs. Several times or constantly? Ex) handshake vs lingering hold of her hand. Pat on the back vs. Slight soft touch on the arm/shoulder?

We will take thigh brushing and lower back guides as given flirting but for more non danger zones type...
Any guys? Confident, average, society anxiety etc? All welcome.


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  • What makes it friendly or not is your relation with the other person. I would say like you did ; hand on lower back , holding hands , hand on thigh etc...

    • What do you mean relation? If you were friends vs introduced by someone? Or met at a singles thing?

    • I wouldn't see physical interaction the same way if it was coming from a female friend versus a single girl I've randomly met. Usually I think that there is verbal flirting before physical flirting , which also help identify it.

    • Ok. Got ya.

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  • well i´m not trally a touchy guy so i don´t do it like at all xD my friends allways tell me, i´d have to touch their hands, arms, shoulders and maybe waist from time to time but i´m kind of uncomfortable with it, because it feels intrusive to me.

    • Awww! You shy? When I'm with a guy I like and he lightly... (not grab) puts his hand on my back to guide me or barely touches my arm/shoulder... I can feel the tingle go up my spine. You should definitely try it. Arms/shoulder are considered safe zones and if you do it in his once lightly and she backs up or responds in a negative way (frowns or something) don't repeat. Waist/back/hands (well holding onto type) is more intrusive.

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    • Not if she likes the guy. You won't know unless you try.

    • meh it´s not like i have any girl to try it on anyway xD

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