Guys, Flirting is normal.. but if it had sexual context at times... does he have a attraction to you?

Most people flirt to certain degrees, but if those moments include sexual undertones is there hidden meaning... the joking laughing inside jokes are all there as well. in serious moments he'll say I'm the only one who defends him or thinks of him in a positive way... that we'd make an awesome pair. He'll walk up to me to playfully pinch me... leaves little silly gifts on my table.. like a wrapped chocolate I like... randomly text me about his day... says I make him laugh he'll seek me out if others are around. Play footsees with me in ways no one else can notice... or just look at me when someone says something he doesn't like... I'm his confident he opens up to me... compliments me in a round about way never man you are beautiful... it's obvious to us and others that we enjoy being around each other.. but he's in a relationship.
I've heard from others and him he isn't happy in it sees it as a mistake.. told someone if he knew he'd meet someone like me he'd never of got into that other relationship... he makes it a point to say hi and buy whenever I see him... He'll tease me when he finds out I went on a date... I'm confused because I like him but can't figure out if he feels the same by these actions please help with what you think oh he said he was thinking about setting me up with someone... then said no he won't because his friend would be all over me.

  • are these his subtle clues he likes me he's not like this towards other girls
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  • if I let him now I like him to would he act
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  • Flirting is a bit like testing the waters sometimes.

    • So if you can pls elaborate testing in what ways

    • Unless you are really brave and have nothing too loose, you are not going to ask out right too sleep with someone.

      So most people ask questions leading or not, drop little comments, this is basically flirting or testing the waters.

    • Thank you for explaining

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