Guys, My crush hugged me and I pulled away Help) I'm 116 not 19 I messed up on my account?

We are in highschool, 16 I have liked him from the beginning. For looks then I got to know him and his personality.( He he has a fantastic personality too.) :) He's sweet, smart has a good sense of humor does pretty good in school. And he isn't a player. I am affectionate (I was a bit suprised?) I am very flirtatious, but I feel shy around him compared to my ex crush. My last crush was shy extrovert who lead me on and played me. He wasn't a player or anything but I had to ask him what his intentions were. I'm and ENFP and he's an ENTP we're both very flirtatious. What should I do? :D
Thanks :) Why is you username ni%%a? I didn't mean to put 116! LOL
How do I change my username? I need to fix it. It should be DarkBrunette99 not 96. Please help. I'm dumb and not good with technology.


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  • I 'accidentally' put my age above 18 on here and i told people
    about 3 days later they put my correct age so they should fix yours, if not ii think there's a way you can ask them to, not sure.

    and you should just hug him 1st next time


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  • " What should I do? " Umm just hug em again... without the pulling away part. And see if he accepts it.

    • Couldn't really say it any better than this...

    • @StickStickity13 I will do it!. I AM a brave person who likes affection. Especially from handsome sweet boys yumm. Ha I'ma do it on Monday before schools starts. He is great I really like him. I don't feel Lust, Love or infatuation. I had that problem with my last crush. It turned out I had hormone imbalance and he kind of played me. He didn't tell me how he felt and It made me too blunt but I didn't care I also came off desperate. I AM NOT GOING TO MESS THIS UP CARPE DIEM! :D

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