Is my friend in an unhealthy relationship, and should I say something about it?

I'm in college and so is one of my best guy friends. Last semester he started seeing this girl. They were together every chance they got and would only spend time with each other. During this time my best friend stopped talking to me and all his other friends, and would only hang out with her. They acted like they were dating, but it never turned into a relationship (even though they both liked each other). In the middle of the semester my best guy friend and this girl got into a major fight that lasted a couple weeks. It ended with him not wanting anything to do with her anymore. Because of the fight he started hanging out with me again and his other friends. I would hear him complain often about this girl, and when asked he said he no loger had any feelings for her.

The second half of the semester began and he's started to hang out with this girl again. I asked him if he liked her and he said, "no way." After spending to consecitive days hanging out with her, he know likes her again and they've started the cycle over. They only hang out with each other and nobody else. And, I can ony think the same thing will happen - they'll fight, "break-up", and start over.

I know I can't really do anything about the situation, and I feel as though it'll just play out again and my friend will end up getting hurt like last time. What do you guys think? Is this "realtionship" he has with this girl healthy or not? Should I say something, or would that be over-stepping boundaries.
I just don't understand how you can go from liking someone, but never asking to be in a relationship, to wanting nothing to do with them, to liking them again.


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  • It's extremely unhealthy. If being with this girl is hurting the rest of his social life, and life in general, there is a big problem. Just you saying something might not be a good idea, she'll come after you like crazy however if you got all of yalls friends together to have a bit of an intervention that could work wonders.


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  • He likes her obviously

  • I can't that is a healthy relationship but I think they're attracted to each other and love each other. they just have areas each have to work on.


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