How do you personally flirt with guys via text?

So I've been interested in this girl for a while and she used to live here but then moved down to Florida, so text is really our only way of communicating besides via Skype or phone. She acts sometimes as if she does like me but I don't want to assume anything. How do you girls flirt with us guys via text? Thank you all for your opinions.


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  • First thing is, girls will text you. Sounds simple, but it is something if she values you enough to give you the time of day to text you. Texting you equals thinking about you and that is a good sign.
    Then it's sometimes a funny, girly kind of way. Even telling you a story about how helpless she was in that situation can be flirting. Subconsciously telling you, she'd need you..
    You can also just try and start a chat with 'morning beautiful' and see how she reacts


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