Why does she do this when I'm about to leave?

Sometimes, when I'm about to leave for the day from class. This girl I know sometimes will pout her lip out when I tell her bye. The other day I told her I was leaving and she said "nooo!" In kind of a winey voice but when I smiled, waved and said bye. She smiled and waved back. One time along time ago she gave me a tight hug and told me she didn't want to see me go. I don't know why she did this she does have a boyfriend.
I don't know if she's just kidding.


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  • If you like her, ask her out. She's giving you some pretty strong hints. Maybe she has a boyfriend but would rather have you. Lots of people hang out in a relationship that's not the best because they are afraid of being alone.

    Or she could just be fooling around. So what if she is and says no? BFD.

  • Well, since she has a boyfriend, I find myself quite flabbergasted, as I imagine you are.
    Perhaps she is the type of girl that likes to flirt with other people. You can always ask her why she pouts when you leave.

  • Wth... NC category bro


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