What kind of girls do shy/quiet guys like?

I'm a pretty outgoing girl and I ALWAYS go for the shy quiet guys (idk they're just better human beings) but I have trouble engaging in a conversation with them outside of school. It wouldn't be too hard if the person was already outgoing but shy guys get nervous which makes ME nervous so its a nervous circle. From the very top, what kind of girls do they get interested in, or pursue to like? And how can I also know if they are interested in me? Body languge, while talking, anything!


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  • They like girls like you, lol. I'm pretty shy and I like nice and pretty girls.

    • ugh I hope!! How do I flirt with him, or get him to talk to me about things outside of school?

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    • @whitarkness What do you mean?

    • I do not know if all introverts are the same so do not take my words so seriously.
      Flirting will make him realize that you like him but if does not provide you a feasible opportunity for him to approach you because he is a quiet guy in nature and you flirting with him does not make him break his nature and suddenly becomes the opposite of quiet and to approach you like you expect.
      He may pay extra attention to you and if he does so that means he is flirting back. You can spend some time to notify this and this happen he may be the exact guy i am talking about.
      Then what you need to do is to approach him normally, like being a college our classmate, just to talk normal. Because chances are flirting with a quiet guy sexually would never work unless you just directly have sex with him

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  • Why do you wamt to go for shy guys so badly? In all honesty, it doesn't sound like a good match for you.

    • I don't WANT to but i just navigate towards them no matter how many outgoing guys I can easily pursue. They're just much nicer and smarter = turn on

    • In all honesty I don't think shy guys are nicer or smarter. I don't think how nice or smart you are depends on how outgoing you are. But whatever..
      I think you might be a little intimidating to them by your outgoing behaviour.

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