I used to like this guy last year and just got over him but I think I still like him?

Okay well last year i really liked this guy and every one knew even him and i couldnt stop looking at school but we never talked only texted non stop and we had a lot in common and we like the same bands a nd stuff but i dont think he liked me but when he thought i wasn't looking he would stare at me. Then we both got our phones taken away and he gave me his homephone number and when ever i call i sound mean or its weird then over the holidays i called him to say i dont like him any more. So i started to get over him but school started again yesterday and i can't stop looking at him and he looks at me as well does this mean i still like him or i dont know what please help?


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  • I think that your not fully over him. I think you still have some type of feelings for him. I think it started again when you saw him in school.


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