I have a crush on him. How 2 let him know? Should I hint to him that I like him, or just let him hint to me if he feels the same way?

I think he's the opposite of what I usually "go for". 18, He's not the best in looks;chunky, nerdy looking (stem major), introverted but will talk if he's approached. I have the biggest crush on him, I know I'm pretty (turned 19) but I'm also very introverted (somewhat). How do I hint to him that I have a crush on him? Should I give hints? So far when I see him, I smile... in the hallways in school I smile and he smiles back. In class I feel like we sort of meet eyes when were laughing at the classroom jokes. HOW/SHOULD I LET HIM KNOW I HAVE CRUSH?
Help? Suggestions? 😐


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  • Have an open demeanor, if a guy sees that a girl looks like she is willing to talk to him and is not just being a friendly person in the hall then he might get the hint.


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  • there are so many things u can do
    ask for his notes , offer to study together , accidentally meet in canteens etc.

  • By telling him funny enough


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  • Oh you should go ask him! But not too much so that he doesn't think you're joking or playing around. You're most likely in for a treat. Chunky guys give the best hugs and guys that aren't arm candy actually are usually sweet and thoughtful. 😊

    He just needs to know you are being sincere.

    • How can I hint to him? We have a class together, but we've never had a 1-1 conversation. For example today, I seen him in the hallway and as soon as I seen him I smiled and waved and he did the same... is this a good step?

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    • Were in college

    • In college I never dated a guy from class on principal but that's just me. I don't like to be distracted. I'm not going to be much help advising you on this topic.

      I was always the kid people wanted in study group to teach them what they did t learn while skipping classes. I partied and all but I'm also very smart. I got zero out of exam prep group.

      Wait until the end of semester to be more obvious then say whatever as long as you won't see him again.

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