Guys, what does this mean?

So I went with some friends to a party where this guy who I sorta met once was gonna be. My friend asked around to make sure he was still single and such. First there was some entertainment and talent show so we sat through that and I couldn't go talk to him. (I was told he's a little bit shy) he kept glancing over at us during it. After he did something a little weird to us. He pulls out a chair, stands on it, and changes a light bulb. (We were at a friend of his home) it seemed ok to us and I thought maybe he was trying not to have to talk to me. I chatted with others as my friends wouldn't leave until I tried. After a while I had a chance and he talked and seemed friendly. He kept moving closer to me and laughing during our talk. He also touched me on the arm twice... so now I'm confused.

Guys, help me out. What's going on? What should I do?
No guys on?


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  • If he checked to make sure you were single, he is interested.

    • You obviously didn't read it. My friend checked to make sure he was single.

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    • You have to approach him yourself.

      In a place and time that means he will feel safe.

      Tell him what you want, he could be shy or insecure, doing this will put his mind at ease hopefully.

    • Ok. Sounds reasonable.

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