Does my older brothers friend like me/find me attractive?

I see him maybe once a week, not that often just whenever my brother who is in college comes home to visit or when we all go bowling. My brothers friend is nice to me, I was in a relationship and he was giving advice telling me to break up with the guy (he said he was just a tool who wanted to have sex with me) I was asking for advice cuz I was unsure. Well anyway the next couple times I saw him he would ask me about it, like he would say "so anything new with your relationship situation" like not in a creepy way it just seemed like he cared. I'm just gonna list some random Stuff so you can give me an answer on wether he likes me or is attracted to me: I was giving another person my snapchat and he pulled out his phone non chalantly and got mine, he usually gives me a hug either when I first see him or when he leaves (does this to my older sister too so i don't read too much into it) he was at my house and we kinda wrestled, he was like "let's go" in a halfway joking way so we started "fighting" and he ended up picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. I caught him checking me out once. He made a nickname for me. He greets me with a smile when I see him. And I'm pretty sure he flirts with me but it's hard for me to tell. I have really low self esteem so I just really wanna know if he likes me or at least thinks im attractive. I feel like I would date him if he pursued me but just wanna know if I have a chance with him. I feel like he may just be acting like an older bro but I can't tell.


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  • What nickname did he give you? From how you described it, my gut feeling is that he is interested in you.


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