Girls, does she not want to talk to me?

So a few days ago I was texting this girl I really like and we talked for like an hour and she replied quickly and had long thought out answers. Which I thoguht were two good things. Then suddenly she just didn't reply. So I didn't say anything back. I didn't push or keep texting her. It wasn't like it was a crazy or too forward text either it was just something about the video game she was playing. She hasn't texted me since or mentioned it at all, but we did talk on the bus today however it was only for like ten minutes. I don't know if it matter, but she is a very shy person. I am very unclear on where to go from here, or should I just leave it.


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  • look be straight with ur feelings trust me i had similar issue but he was the shy one.. its better to be the one who has cleared their position than the other who is not


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