Why would he yell at me for no reason? Is he insecure?

I am about to be in a play at my school and have a highely likely chance of being the lead in it. If I get the leading lady role, I will have a leading man opposite me. My best friend is a shoe in for it, but just told me he doesn't want to audition. I found this out at school, but he wasn't there so I was sort of flipping out and stressing with my friends around.

My crush, who usually stays by himself wandering the area while waiting for our bus (we are on the same one), decided to stand next me while I was ranting and freaking out. This was the first time he's ever done this. As I'm freaking out with my friends, he then sort of yells at me "If you like him so much, then just ask him out already!" I told him that I didn't like him right after that and that that wasn't what I was talking about.

Now, he knows that my best friend is a guy and that we are very close. He also knows that I don't like him romantically as I have explained that numerous times to him and many others. I have flirted with my crush a bunch and he's flirted back so I don't get why he would freak out on me like that. We even flirted consistently today in both of the classes we have together.

Why would he freak out on me like that for basically no reason?
He was also in a terrible mood on our bus ride back home. Like, a really terrible mood. I can't tell if it was because of me, my close friend (who said something rude to him - she doesn't have a filter), or just something that happened at school. I sort of feel like it was because of me since he wasn't as bad when he was standing next to me, but after his outburst he seemed really upset/angry or whatever.

Also, how can I convince him I don't like my bff w/out being super obvious I like him?


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  • Jealousy.

    • I was just totally caught off guard because we were talking about something soooooo opposite from that. He even told me he knew that I just thought of Mark as a friend. I did not think of the jealousy factor. Thanks for answering!

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  • It's the high school drama club production "Jealousy"

    • Yeah, I figured. He never admitted to the jealousy thing, but he did admit that he's in love with me. You can imagine my surprise.

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