Should I leave this girl alone?


I made this account because at the moment I'm having a crush on a girl from my class. I met her this year in class we have talked a couple of times in real life and on facebook. However the times we chatted on facebook it was always me taking the initiave.
We have a long break now from Christmas till the first week of February. Last time I took the initiave to chat with her on facebook was a bit after the Christmas period, I ended with wishing her a merry Christmas, she took a while to respond (about two days, I would say that is because of the busy period, exams, festivities, etc). I actually took it as a sort of rejection, it seemed to me that I misinterpreted some sign of interest she showed in real life.
So I didn't message her, last we had contact she messaged me on facebook asking me for some info for an exam we had.
Now I still like this girl a lot, but I'm having a feeling she doesn't really like me as much as I hoped she would (maybe I need to give it more time, since we actually really haven't talked all that much).
Now I want to send her something on facebook, - there is this exam we just had from a class we both struggled with -, just to show her that I still think about her. But I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't do this, after all if she isn't really interested I'll probably be bothering her in the middle of this busy period.
So should I still try something with her or just leave her alone (by which I mean initiating things on facebook, I'm not going to ignore her or be an asshole to her because of some assumptions I have)?

kind regards,



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  • I think you should back off and just talk to her from time to time. Maybe ask her to hang out or meet up sometime and if she doesn't show any interest, just ditch. You're wasting your time in that case and you deserve someone who returns for affections

    • Alright, so it is best not talking to her on facebook? I have to say it's not that I have been sending her a lot of messages, in a period of 2 months I initiated a conversation with her on facebook 3 times.
      But I guess it is better to leave facebook out, to be honest I'm not good at chatting over the internet anyway.

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    • Probably, but I think I haven't give it much time, It's only been 3 months since we met.

    • Yes that is true. Give her some time. If she likes you she will let you know.

  • If I were you I would ask her how she feels towards you and go from there's.👫👫👫👫

    • I probably follow that advice after I talked to her some more, but I guess this is the only way to be completely sure.

What Guys Said 1

  • Just directly approach her and ask her to hang out with you or if you feel bold enough, ask her out on a date. Because if you don't try, you will never know.


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