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Is this interest, random compliments, boredom?

I own and run a small carpentry business. I when to a woman's house today for a renovation quote. I knew her from high school, but never talk to her. (I was shy back then). She greeted me oddly "gee your a tall drink of water". I said thanks and thought nothing of it at the time. While moving through the house. A few times she touches my arm to lead me in areas she wanted to change. When going to look at the utility room. She said "I don't know if you're going to fit with those broad shoulders. It has a pretty small door." I just played it off with a sarcastic joke. "No worries, I have a sledge in the truck". But she laughed. She had a few questions about my qualifications, which is common. After a minute or two it was more personal. By asking who I hang out with, what do in my spare time.

Normally I would just ask her out, but being a potential client it is unprofessional.
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Is this interest, random compliments, boredom?
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