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Boyfriend has a new girlfriend but we still love each other - what do I do?

3 months ago I broke up with my BF, we had a 2 and half year off and on relationship. and we where like best friends before we started going out.( this is the longest we have been broken up.) I was the one that broke up with him, the reason being that he wouldn't stop this friendship with a girl that I felt very uncomfortable with, due to reasons I won't get into. (he ended that about a month into our break up.)

I was upset and I said things I didn't mean, and then suddenly I had to go away for a month, and was unable to keep in contact with him. during the time that I was away, he got a new Girlfriend on a game online, he didn't even tell me about it until a week or so after I came back, during which time he was very romantic with me (which when I ask he says was his way of making it easier on me to get over him.)

he barely even knows her, he tells me he doesn't love her and that he can't see himself married to her. he tells me that he still loves me very much, and that he still wants to be with me, but that he isn't gonna end the relationship with her, and that he has walls up now.

when I probe just a little bit he tells me that I broke up with him, and that maybe he got tired of chasing after me. I still love him very much and I'm doing everything I can to show him I made a mistake and that I regret it, that I want him back. I've tried getting over him during the time I was away, but no matter how distracted I was I just kept thinking about him and hoping he would wait for me.

this girl he's seeing now is very immature, and she has lots of men that she flirts with. I've seen a picture of her. (and I honestly thought she was a man in drag.) I've tried asking him what he likes about her, but he won't tell me, they have now been together for a little over a month.

I don't know what to do, I feel that if I ignore it, and go away again for a while, that he will just move on even more, and think that I gave up on him, using it as an excuse to move on. but then its hard for me to be around him, and watch him with this new girl. I can't just sit there and pretend to be his friend again either. do I just keep trying my hardest. I don't want to give up, but I feel as tho I'm making no progress. what do I do?
Boyfriend has a new girlfriend but we still love each other - what do I do?
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