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Does a guy like it if a girl sends him a text?

There's this guy from college I really like and we flirted a lot. We had a lot of eyecontact, some fysical contact and we texted sometimes (just about school). When his friend was around he was teasing him a bit. We just had a connection and there was and is still a sort of tention when we're around eachother.

In the start of this school year he was looking at me a lot but I thought it was just coincidence, I thought he Wouldn't like someone like me (I'm just normal natural (not too much make-up and stuff like that) person.

The problem is we're both really shy towards eachother and I guess that's why nothing further ever happend.

We both switched classes and that's the reason I bearly see him anymore. Sometimes I see him in the hallway. Sometimes we make eyecontact, and sometimes he ignores me. A while ago we had a class together (after we switched classes) and when he entered the room we immediately locked eyes. We just stood there and both didn't move. I felt good and awkward at the same time.

I didn't really see him for 1,5 month but I still have feelings for him
do you think he would like it if I sended him a text? But what should I say?
Would it be weird if I text him?
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Do you think he would like it if I made the first move? Even if we havn't seen eachother for a while?
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Would he like it?
Does a guy like it if a girl sends him a text?
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