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Is it okay to give a note to a guy that I like as an adult?

I like one of my co-workers. We work in completely unrelated departments.(we don't have work-related contact) However, we seem to run into each other walking in and out of conference rooms, hallways , elavotors and staff rooms. He now always make it a point to smile , ask how I'm doing. I see him see him around 1-3 times a week if I'm lucky. Whenever I do run into it's either I'm in hurry to go back on my floor or he's busy with a resident. He also takes his lunch time different from mine. I'm unable to take my lunch at the same as his since we work in completely different departments.

I would prefer to talk to him in person but whenever I run into him there's always other co'workers and it's either when i'm on my way to my floor after my break etc when I can't afford being late on the floor. I'm also planning to leave the company for unrelated in the near future.

So I was thinking to hand him a note one day at the end of my shift basically telling that I would like to get to know him better. I will also write down my number to text me.

Is it okay to give a note to a guy that I like as an adult?
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