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Does my manager like me, and was this a right thing to do?

I've been working at PetSmart for a while, and I ended up putting my two week notice in.
This guy and I got close, and he always started talking to me when we had the same shifts..
One day, I had to make a sign because nobody was wanting to do the sign to attract customers. We did a handwriting test, and everybody wanted me to create the sign. While creating the sign, my manager (Alan) told me how beautiful the sign was. He kept telling me that, and I was literally thinking he was flirting.. He watched me cash out people, and he was right by my side 3/4 of the time! We made close connections, and it was crazy. My very last day, he wasn't able to work.. So I decided to add him on Facebook. He accepted it immediately!! (Was that a right thing to do? He was basically my manager.)

I walked in PetSmart yesterday and today for things. Yesterday, I turned in my shirt and my sister said he kept staring at me! Then today.. I walked in with my friend, and Alan kept staring and staring at me. It was really creepy because every time I turned around, he was RIGHT THERE. Then I went up front to the cash registers where my friend was working. Alan ended up standing right next to my friend that I used to work with, and we were all talking.. Alan said Hello to me first, and I just smiled. We talked about life, and my friend Jena said that Alan was in a good ass mood closing.

Does my manager like me?
WE'RE FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK, and I messaged him and I said "Thank you for accepting my friend request on Facebook." Trying to get us somewhere.. He's a decent guy, and he's very nice.
Does my manager like me, and was this a right thing to do?
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