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Girls turning head and looking with peripherals?


So this happens somewhat regularly. If I stand in line or sit behind a cute girl on the bus, she will rurn her head 90 degrees and look at me from the corner of her eyes. I know they are looking at me, because 1. I can see it with my peripherals, 2. I can feel it and 3. They aren't as subtle as they think.

And sometimes I am fairly certain they turn their head, like 90-110 degrees (I am only person there, tend to sit far back in the bus), but she waits for me to look at her. I am fairky confident in my ability to read these situations, but it happens somewhat frequently, so I would like to understand it from a girl's perspective. Often happens after some eye contact, for example, she walks on the bus, we have some nice eye contact, she sits down ans then turns her head really unnatural, maybe felt the eye contact should've been enough for me to approach? They never have a sour look or anything, just looking intrigued.

First scenario more flirting and second one just want my attention? Or would you say it's more about confidence/shyness. They often tend to do it 2-3 times at least, thinking I am retarded for not seeing it I guess.

And is scenario one considered a sideway glance or is it only if you so not turn your head?
Girls turning head and looking with peripherals?
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