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Why does he make eyes contact with me if he's not interested?

Well, I speak about my teacher.

I like him and I tend to look at him because he’s so handsome. And he’s always giving me that look back as if to see if I’m staring at him. He can also hold the gaze if I want to but I’m too shy and intimidated so I look quickly away when he catches me. That’s when we are far away from each other. When I talk to him, he looks into my eyes but I feel like he’s in hurry to break it.

I find it weird because he could ignore me !! He already did that during 1 week (Something happened but not sure if it’s the reason why he ignores me)

Also, he always have his whole body (or at least upper/lower part of it) when far away and it’s not the same when we’re close to each other. But I can be very close to him (even if I suspect he knows I like him) and he doesn’t make a move back.

Also, when I talk to guys that aren’t in my class especially one that is a good friend, he started first to stare at me and when I caught him, he turned his head away.

But I think he knows I love him and I think he’s not interested but why is he keeping the eye contact? Why does it mean? I can’t understand. And why doesn’t he tell me “I don’t like you look at me” ?

I forgot to mentionned that before eye contact has increased and I could look at him in the eyes for 4–5 seconds before breaking eye contact. One day, I was talking to a guy, he stared at me and I hold his look then after 4 seconds, he put his head down for 2 seconds.
Why does he make eyes contact with me if he's not interested?
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