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Guys, Can I take this as a good sign or no?

so my crush is standing over looking at the news board at the college. He doesn't really talk to people much. Shy perhaps?

anyways... My question is... I came out of the break room (snacks) and all..

He was looking straight at the board and he turns his head directly right to where I just walked through door and looks right at me for... I don't know...

4, 5 seconds...

is that a good sign? I caught his attention maybe?

I'm not asking if he likes me. We don't know each other well enough yet. Had a convo the other month but not buddy, buddy yet or anything.
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He normally walks head down and doesn't look up, like ever that I can tell... Unless he's talking to you. He's like very bashful I guess.
Guys, Can I take this as a good sign or no?
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