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Why has he come back in to my life? Does he still care?

I'm a sophomore girl in high school. Earlier this year I had a big crush on this sophomore boy. We didn't talk often, but I could tell he definitely thought I was beautiful and even possibly liked me.
Anyways, the last time we talked was December. And I had decided that I was going to move on from him. I was done dealing with his mixed signals and confusion. So I did. Now, I like someone else who is just as confusing but, definitely feels the exact same way for me as I do him... But here's the thing.
The boy I used to like, let's call him J. J snapchatted me last night asking me "hey are you okay? :)" and he had only ever snapped me first once while I had 2 times. (And he knows that I've been being harassed by one of my friends lately, so that's why he asked if I was okay). It shocked me though. And not only that, he also sent selfies, which he never did before.
We ended up talking for a little while, and every time he'd send face pictures, smiley faces, etc.
And he'd reply immediately.
So, does this boy like me? Or?
Why has he come back in to my life? Does he still care?
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