How to meet a nice man without being scared of rejection?

I have been single for so long about a couple of years without dating or even meeting any new guys . I think it maybe no confidence in the way I look because I am a full figure woman and I know most of the men out there are not into full figure ladies. so I guess my question is what should I do to build my confidence up to meet a nice man without being scared of rejection?


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  • Hi fellow big & beautiful lady.

    I used to feel that way for a brief period, but then came to a point where I thought, just f *** it! There will always be someone prettier, smaller, smarter, so work with what you've got. My advice, exude confidence and class and the men will come. Notice how I said MEN not boys. Some tips? Make sure you are on point. Pick up a couple new clothing staples. Get one or two new items of clothing that express your personality. For instance, I used to always wear black thinking I'll conceal my weight, but actually that makes you dissapear- not noticed. Try something different than you normally would. Try color, tasteful flattering patterns or a new pair of shoes. Get your hair done, mani pedi. These are all small things, but make you feel good. When you feel good and feel confident, you attract confidence. How do you carry yourself? Hold you head up. Look people in the eye. Smile. For the second part of your question, guys are scared of rejection too, so if you have your eye on someone, and you think there could be a connection, give the man sure fire signals you want him tospeak to you. Smile, eye contact, or even the fake " Excuse me do you have the time" or " Do you know which way is Main St"? Be clever. Tell yourself you're worth it. Also try to pick of Figure magazine or look at images of full figure ladies that are in a positive light. For fashion ideas I love

    link or

    link. Good luck sista! and remember Real Men want Meat with their Potatoes, no string beans! Peace!

    • Thank you sista, you helped me out alot. I especially like to hear a answer from someone who knows what I am feeling. I will be sure to use your advice.

    • Welcome :-)

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  • Just think this if everyone was scared of rejection then there would be no human like.

    If you need a answer you should go and find the answer to the question.

    Rejection is part of everyday life in not a relationship it could be a project at work.

    I watch a You tube vid about how do you know if someone likes you. The answer they gave was if the person keeps looking at you off and on it could be that they like you.

    Or what Mummy use to say is " Its the inside that counts"

    Get to know the person then. Just start bring up questions and say "what would you think of me being with you"

    Not the end of the WORLD

  • you know the answer to this. I'm great friends with a "full figure" girl, but definitely wouldn't get into a relationship. so here it is:

    GET TO THE GYM and I mean that in a super nice way, here's why:

    the Gym is a great place to meet people

    contrary to popular belief, exercise can be heaps of fun (set goals that increase, you'll feel yourself become more confident, competitive and happy)

    Finally. you will start to look better, not to mention feeling better mentally. you will be more healthy. Cardio is what you want, not weights. lots of treadmill, get into fitness kick boxing if you don't want to do full contact.

    Best wishes


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