He says he likes me but he's scared?

i met this guy 4 years ago we hung out as friends nothing ever happened even though I would've liked it to. I moved away and just moved back. we met up again and hit it off. I've been seeing him regularly every week and a half for about 6 months now. we hang out, drink, have a really good time, and yes we sleep together sometimes all weekend. . but nothing has came out of it he texts me when he's drunk and tells me he would settle down with me and all this but then the 2 times we were supposed to go out to dinner he didn't show or call. so after the last time that he ditched me I quit talking to him. he texted 4 days later and asked if I'm mad. I said no I'm confused I really like you and I thought you really liked me. he said I do I'm just scared and that is the last I talked to him. he doesn't say how he feels but I'm crazy about him. my friends say ditch him but I like him a lot what do I do? what does he mean?


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  • Been there, done that. My situation was a little different. We had both been hurt really badly but I was ready and he was still scared, and on top of it his parents weren't having the best relationship. But we both really liked each other and had talked about being together way more then several times. But when it comes down to the big break where something happens or not. Nothings going to happen. He isn't scared he just doesn't want a relationship but doesn't want to lose you either. He wants you in life because it gives him confidence. Wouldn't your confidence go up a little if you knew you could ditch a guy and do all that stuff us girls hate that guys do, but the gut still stuck around and still liked you a lot. He doesn't want anything serious,just someone to give him a confidence boost every now and then when he thinks about the fact that you still like him even though he doesn't want anything. Sorry its so long. ahah hope you find yourself a good guy !

  • that sucks you like him and he stood you up:(

    If it were me I would let him know your feeling are there but being that he is hard to depend on if he wants to see you he will have to make the move... for instance, no meeting at a resturant, to risky, he will have to pick you up. when he went away did he have a relationship going on and maybe picked back up where he left off with her with you out of bordum? is he just getting back in with friends and doesn't have as mch time on his hands? Or does he not want to be seen with you in public? I mean if he is giving lots of his time then when it comes to a date he bales, he is either broke or doesn't want to be seen with you. he can't use the excuse that he is scared, you have to roll your eyes at that one, you guys are way past the do I like you or not phase after 4 years!

    • Oh my gosh I know. No I don't think it's that he doesn't want to be seen in public because we go out with his friends to the bar, etc... and it could be because he's broke. he got laid off from his company after like 12 years. I haven't talked to him now in 2 weeks. I haven't texted him and he hasn't texted me. So I'm pretty much just at a loss the last conversation we had he said he does really like me but he's scared. Maybe I should just give up even though it's not what I want to do.