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Did I make the right decision?

My boyfriend of a little over a year just broke up with me a few days ago because he was "tired of arguing" with me. (The things we would argue about were never even anything big AT ALL) He wrote me a long letter about how he wants us to work but he can't stay with me if we keep arguing. I told him that people argue, they work it out, and they get over it. All relationships are like that, intimate relationships, family relationships, friendships. I told him that he gave up on us. Then today he tried talking to me about everything, we worked it out (like I said we would), and so he told me he wanted me back, then I told him I needed to take a break and be just friends for a while. I mostly said it because my emotions just felt ripped to shreds after everything that happened. I felt like he just tossed me away so quickly and expects me to come back right at the moment he wants me back. So he got upset with me because of my decision. I told him it would only be for a little while, not forever, because I do love him and want to be with him forever, but now he's telling me how I hurt his feelings.

I just want him to see that he can't just push me away after every tiny scuffle and pull me back right away, I'm not a yo-yo. And either way, HE'S the one who broke up with ME.

Does anyone understand the way I feel? And more importantly, did I make the right decision?
Did I make the right decision?
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