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Was he flirting?

I'm not exactly the best in picking up if someone is flirting with me, simply bc it's not something that happens to me often. But I give tours at my college, and recently I gave a tour to really cute guy, and usually I'm really awkward, but the conversation flowed really easily and we talked about everything (in between me giving info about the college) and he was so sweet. But I had an X on the back of my hand from the night before (my roommate turned 21 so we went clubbing) and he asked about it, and I told him, and he was like "Do you go there often." and I was like "sometimes, it just sort of depends on everybody's schedule, I'm actually going again in 2 weeks for another one of my friend's 21st". and he was like, hmmm i may have to take a trip there myself. Near the end of the tour, I mentioned that I got off at 2, and he said "oh, my tour was supposed to be at 2, but I got here early. So if I had had my tour at 2, you wouldn't have been my tour guide, guess I lucked out." and i just said, "No, but someone else would have given you just as good a tour as me." and he looked me in the eyes and smiled and was like "No, I got lucky", and I just smiled and looked at the ground and said thanks. at the end of tours we ask them to fill out surveys and when he finished his, on his way out he whispered to me, "I gave you all excellent on your survey, and Ill hopefully see you at (club name) (date I'm going to club)" Was he flirting or just being nice?
Was he flirting?
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