Do you think he likes me?

there's a super cute guy in my writing class, he's in my assigned critique group. he was giving me feedback on my writing a few weeks ago and he was kind of far away and he talks very low so I adjusted my glasses and leaned forward so I could hear him better and his face lit up with the cutest smile.
since then he has stopped by my desk a few times after classes and said things like "bye I hope you have a good day!" and most recently, last class he moved over a row in someone else's seat which made him closer to me.
I'm starting to really like him, I have talked to him a bit and he's really intelligent and kind with an adorable smile. since I've developed a small crush on him it's really hard for me to tell if these are signs that he might be interested or if these are just him being nice, and I would really like a few other opinions on the matter.
and, to be honest, I'm shy and i can be pretty awkward, so if you do think that he's interested based on what I've told you, how can I let him know that I like him without being too blunt or straight forward about it?
tomorrow is his turn for his writing to be critiqued so I will have more of a reason to talk to him than normal, so I'd like to try and show him that I like him a little bit

thank you for any help or suggestions you can give me :)
Do you think he likes me?
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