Why are women so stupid?

An African immigrant has knowing infected over 16 women with HIV. He lived with a woman for 3 months then moved out. He considers her to be his gf. He has been arrested and charged with the offenses. She has now come out publicly stating he is her partner knowing he has slept with hundreds of women some of who he has infected with HIV and stated she will post bail for him...

Another example the skafe brothers convicted gang rapists, lead a pack of upto 14 to abduct and rape over 70 girls some of them made complaints and they were convicted and sentenced up to 32 years in prison. One of the brothers had a girlfriend who stood by him during all of this, the trial, and even when he was in jail. Eventually he started sending her depiction of rape and violence then and only then did she turn around and break up with him and publicly called him a piece of s***. Why are women so stupid... I don't understand why they would still stand by them if they did these things...


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  • Men have stood by women for similarly stupid sh*t.

  • While I agree, there are also plenty of men that kill for or over a woman. Its all about abuse of love, what I disagree with is when women are hypocritical of it. For example they will justify a woman dating someone in prison or someone that abuses them by saying that he is just misunderstood, however when a man rapes a woman who has being teasing him or comes to his hotel room at 2am in the morning suddenly its 100% the mans fault for not being in control of his sexual urge.

    I say both people have some responsibility or no does, you can't have it both ways, either emotions drive you to do things (which they do) or they don't, it seems like women get away with so much more, I just read an article of a woman who waited for her sister before stabbing her and all she got was manslaughter because she was getting hormonal treatment at the time, she was getting more testosterone, well what precedent does that set for men who are full of testosterone, should they get 5 years for murder too like this woman did?