Why do people ignore others?

Why do people ignore e-mails or phone calls so often?

Let's say you're high up on the corporate scale, but you're the one to talk to for. whatever. Say you're on some planning committee. there's not a dozen other people who can answer a question or hire others. Now. you repeatedly ignore someone's calls. Not necessarily telemarketing calls. Say you've shown some interest in what I do; Say you're the one who initiated the call. Let's say you're dealing with what some in the corporate world call "a warm lead." Why do you ignore all information from this person, especially when a quick phone call would help?

To me, if you're not interested, don't leave me hanging. If you're not interested, call me, let me know, and I will stop wasting both our time by calling you. Otherwise, I'll call you 2 or 3 times a week, I have no idea if you're getting the messages, if someone else is deleting them before you receive them, if you're out of town on vacation, etc. So I'll try to contact you, especially if you showed what seemed like genuine interest in my business.

And in my opinion, if you're ignoring someone who can provide you with something you claim to be interested in, then I'll wonder if you ignore your customers or treat them badly like you do with me. I wonder how any of these businesses can operate so successfully when they don't bother with people.

I have my own small business. I will call people back, unless it's recorded, harassing telemarketing calls. Even if I'm not interested in a person's product, I call to tell them I'm not interested at the moment. If I'm busy or unavailable, I call people back within 24 hours, which is what my voice mail says I will do; I can usually call people back within 3 hours of the original call.

To me personally, if I ignored people who called me, I REALLY wouldn't survive very long. I'd have a bad reputation, and I can't afford that. I have to wonder why everyone else seems to be able to.

I get ignored by girls too. The problem is, if I ask for a number, I get a huge freak out from the girl. Look; I don't stalk people; I never have. I call my female friends maybe twice a month, if that. I've only hung out with one of my woman friends in the past month. I don't leave angry messages or ramble.

So I send out an e-mail to a girl/woman I want to get to know better. JUST AS FRIENDS. I get her e-mail, I let her know I'll be in touch this week, cause I invited her out already. I tell her in e-mail to let me know whether or not she's interested in going (even if she's not). and she ignores me completely. I e-mail these so called friends, and I get ignored. If I ask for a number, I usually get nastiness, so I forget it - those girls are nuts. When I DO get a number, I get ignored; always voicemail. But then, if I do e-mail, I get ignored. I'm not interested in games, but I don't act testy with them if I don't get called, so it's not like I'm anti social or rude.


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  • People ignore others because they don't want to mess with it simply because they are lazy or feel guilty in facing a problem. If people ignore you then they aren't worth your time ._.


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  • I'm in the same boat and it really irritates me. I don't understand why people ignore me so often. It doesn't matter if I'm wanting to get to know a girl, trying to make a new friend, or even just e-mailing a supposed friend I just haven't talked to in a while. I keep the message short and sweet ... 1 to 3 sentences tops, with an open-ended question to hopefully stimulate some kind of conversation. And yet I am ignored so often I don't even *expect* responses most of the time. I don't get it. I'm not rude, people love being around me in public. I don't ask difficult questions. I don't use any cheesy pickup lines when trying to meet a girl. It doesn't make any sense.

    What really bugs me the most though is when I message someone on some kind of community website ... a person who clearly has stated in their profile, "please don't hesitate to message me about anything if you want to talk or know more," and yet the messages I send *are never even read*. Just doesn't make any sense. People are rude.