Married man behavior, is this innocent or something more?

I've been friends with him for a couple years now. Up until the past few weeks we had no physical contact until he gave me a hug. He said it was his way of thanking me for a small thing I'd done for him. He's rather reserved, as am I, and I don't believe he's a hugger (I've only seen him hug one other person when they initiated it with him) so I was expecting a thank you, not a hug.

The hug caught me off guard. I don't have a clear picture of how it was, but it seemed to last longer than the standard 3 seconds, maybe 5-10 seconds. It was a frontal hug and I recall that our bodies were against each other. His right arm under my left and around my back, my right arm over his left and around his back. My chin rested on his shoulder. When we let go, conversation continued as normal. Weeks before this he complimented one of my features, which being as reserved as he is he's never complimented me like that before.

He is a married man. I've never met his wife and he never really talks about her. I have no idea if he's ever mentioned me to her. The only interactions I have with him are with other people (including mutual friends) and this hug actually happened out in the open with these people around.

I grew up in a non hugging family so for me, hugs are special. I see them as being more intimate than most. The fact that he chose to hug in the open makes me feel that he was trying to make it look innocent, but the fact that he's married and I've never met his wife before makes me feel a little uneasy. I mean I've never met her so I have no idea how she would feel about this kind of physical interaction. Then there's also that compliment (and yes I know friends will compliment each other).

I'm very confused and trying to figure out if this man has a thing for me and is ramping things up in which case I'll need to remove myself from the situation as I'm not getting involved with a married man. Does this sound like he has a thing for me or am overthinking it?
Married man behavior, is this innocent or something more?
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