What does it mean when a guy you like all of a sudden stops talking to you?

okay this guy I liked was my friend.And he'd spin me ,hug me ,and etc. then all of a sudden it stops. I don't no what happened everything was great now its sh*t ? what do I do ? :(


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  • Does he still contact you? Or did he just stop doing those affectionate things that you said he was doing?

    Maybe something big came up in his life, etc. he has a new girlfriend.

    How do you like him? Friends? Crush? Love him?

    • No he doesn't contact me I go over to his house though all the time cause of one of my friends.And I already no he doesn't have a girlfriend cause he's in foster care and his sis told me ( she's my friend) it started as a crush then grew

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  • I'll tell you what I did.

    I started talking to other people and acting like I did with him, in front of him.

    Eventually, he snapped back into it!

    • Okay ill try that. I hope it works thank you :)!!

    • Interesting, and amusing. This should probably work. Men hate not being in charge of "their" woman =).

      As for me if you tried this on me I'd probably do the same but twice as hard XD. Yeah... I'm a bad person...

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