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Does he really just want to be friends or is there more?

This is kind of a long story, but basically.. I have known this kid since Nov of last year, and we immediately hit it off. We came close to dating, but he got scared away. We then became friends.. and then eventually dated for a month and a half until he dumped me again.. about a month ago. We decided to be friends. Since our break up, we've become pretty close and we've really opened up emotionally to each other. We also hooked up a couple times and tried the friends with benefits role. We got into a fight soon after that though, so we're just currently working on our friendship. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him, and I'm sticking around not just because he makes a good friend, but because I'm hoping that one day he'll want to date again. Problem is, I'm pretty certain he broke up with me for his childhood best friend who was living in China for three years who just came back for the summer for the first time in a long time. Before we started dating, and maybe even before we met, they had confessed their love for each other via email. So I'm sure he broke up with me for her (he was working out and going crazy about how he'd look when she got home). I hear she's too afraid to be with him, and I can understand why. He has feelings for A LOT of women.

So getting to my issue. I officially met this girl at a bar last weekend for the first time. She seemed nice, but then didn't talk to me or any of us girls the whole time. I hear she's very jealous. My friend who was with me that night said that she caught him looking at me a few times, and I catch him doing that anyways.

Last night, I hung out with him for the first time one on one since we broke up. We just went to the mall and to dinner then went back to his apartment to watch a movie. The whole time he kept suggesting we do things: hike, go to boston with him, etc. We had a lot of fun, and we just seem to get along so well. It was frustrating because I wanted to kiss him but couldn't. I would catch him turned and looking at me during the movie, (we were in two different recliners next to each other) smiling. A couple times during our hangout session, he'd joke about something and I'd give him a look he'd say "looovee you".

And we talk via text almost everyday, all day while we're both at work. He hasn't said much about him and that girl besides that she's afraid to date him and our little drama between me and her. It bugs him that we weren't getting along, but I honestly just want him happy. I was interested in another guy and he'd try to give me advice. He would always tell me that I am wonderful and amazing and deserved the best. When we broke up he told me he couldn't give him all of me and it wasn't fair to me. And I'm just not sure what all this means. When we dated he went on and on about how great I was. Now, I just don't know if he wants to be with me or not. It's frustrating. I'll agree to be friends, but then I'll think we're flirting, and not know what he's thinking or what to do.
Does he really just want to be friends or is there more?
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