Is being TOO honest and open a bad thing?

So I was hanging out with my ex, a big reason we are ex's is because she had trouble trusting me...i had a lot of girl friends before friends not like dating girl friends and I always kept in touch with them. I'm a very outgoing guy and love to make new friends. Well my ex and I have been talking and kind of seeing each other aka not sleeping with anyone else. Well while we were broken up there was this girl who liked me that I had slept with. I told her I wasn't looking for a relationship ATM and she agreed and said she liked what we had. Well for whatever reason my ex kept asking about her because she saw us together at a bar while we were separated. I didn't tell my ex that I slept with her because I didn't think it was any of her business, even whens he asked if I had. Well the other day I was with my ex and the girl texted me asking what I was doing later that night (the night before my ex had deleted her number out my phone). I showed my ex and was like I wonder who this is. So we called and it was her (it went to her voice mail). My ex bugged out on me...when all I was doing was showing her the text because I didn't want her to go through my phone later (if she did) and be like what the heck who is this, blah blah blah./...i didn't want her thinking I was trying to hide something so I was upfront and told her...

basically what I'm getting at, was should I have even told her about the text? should I have deleted it and risked her texting me again and having the girl ask something again and then have my ex assume we had been talking? Basically is being TOO honest and up front to try and gain someones trust back a bad thing? should I have just said whatever and not showed her, I don't know how else someone would gain someones trust back w/o being so open and honest and forward with EVERYTHING...I'm beginning to think that gaining and Ex's trust back is IMPOSSIBLE...what am I doing wrong?
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You'll never gain a women's trust back
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Some things don't need to be said, you should have erased the text and not have told her, it wasn't a big deal anyways
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Is being TOO honest and open a bad thing?
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