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Would you move or no?

Please don't say give up on the relationship and be single because that isn't an option.

Anyways, I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and 2 years long distance (our 5 year anniv. coming this week!) I'm finishing my bachelor's degree in 2 years, saving money, and planned to move out to Los Angeles where he is. We planned to live together...but there is a good chance the Army will send him to language school 5-6 hours away for 10-12 months to live in barracks. He's in the Army Reserve by the way...

So there's a chance I could be long distance AGAIN if I moved for him. I'll be left in the Apartment by myself but since he will be ACTIVE DUTY in the Army that means the apartment will get payments on bills so I won't have to worry (his name on lease) while he lives in barracks.

I was thinking we should just get a place near his language school so we can be together..but he would want to KEEP his apartment in Los Angeles so that he'd have a home to come back to..not his mommy and moving everything back would be a hassle.

My options are

1. Be long distance for another 2.5 years when he goes to language school and gets deployed (seeing him every 2-3 months when he isn't deployed)

2. Stay in the apartment in LA and not worry about bills...see my boyfriend once or twice a month

3. Move to Monterey, CA to be near him and have him help pay my bills<--Only problem with that is I might move to LA, then move to Monterey, then move to LA again..which is a hassle.
Would you move or no?
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