Why is she so quiet? Girl is totally confusing!

This girl I know she not shy at all and flirts with everyone and is wild but when I'm with her she goes totally quiet acts all shy puts on a soft voice and is all nice but when talking to other guys is all loud shouting and hugging them and everything but never hugs or touches me , why is she so quiet and wild with others she really confusing

any more answers


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  • Hmm...are you a more quiet person and are the other guys more loud and wild? If so she could just be adjusting her personality to make you more comfortable.

    • Nope I'm pretty wild too and always joking and she is too but she goes all quiet when I'm near and its like the touch barrier is up too

    • Well...then....hmm...

      If she seems bored or irritated then forget it, but if not then its probably just self conciousness like jenzie said.

  • i think its because she actually cares what you think, if she's taking time to spend with you she prob likes you and doesn't want to scare you off. she is prob worried about what you think of her and is prob a bit self concious


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